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Some Spectacular Maples


Maples add a wonderful texture and color to the garden


There are so many kinds of Maples...

available today, it is hard to know which ones are the best performers. We don't grow many, but here are some different cultivars or species that we like.

Acer palmatum 'Shaina'

Here is a maple that stays low, but grows wide. We love the new bright pink/red leaves that cover the plant in the spring when it leaves out. It is especially attractive when there are also dark red leaves behind to offer contrast. This gives the tree a delightful sparkle! A sport of A.p. atropurpureum, 'Shaina' has become one of the most requested of all maples. 

Given the prestigious "Award of Garden Merit" by the Royal Horticultural Society. Plant with blue conifers like Picea pungens 'The Blues' for a great color combination.

Acer pseudosieboldianum

Acer pseudosieboldianum, the Korean maple or purplebloom maple, is a species of maple. It is native to northeastern China, Korea, and the Russian Far East. The common name is the Korean Maple, and its outstanding features are its extreme cold-hardiness and brilliant yellow, red and orange fall color. Not injured by wintertime lows down to -40°F. This is a full 20°F colder than the low temperature limit of other Japanese maples! Here's a fine plant to add some spice to gardens in the upper Midwest. Seed source is northeast China.  Grows 15 to 20 ft tall, and about the same wide. Used often for bonsai.           

Acer shirasawanum 'Moonrise'

This new maple is spectacular! Although similar to the 'Autumn Moon' cultivar, this one is different in many ways. It has orange/pink new growth in the spring, turning to chartreuse in summer, then fabulous fall colors of red, yellow, and orange ends the year with a fine display. This small tree will be 15 - 20 ft. tall and wide in time. Stunning! It is reported to be easier to grow in more sun than its cousin A.p. 'Aureum', as 'Aureum' needs some shade. This cultivar is relatively new on the market.

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