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About the Nursery



We are a small specialty plant nursery growing on the Dow's Prairie near McKinleyville, California. An important goal for us has been, and is, to give back to the earth by inspiring people to grow plants. The more people that nurture and grow plants for their own enjoyment, the more we are giving back to mother earth, as well as adding to the lives of people. We grow our plants in soil mixes that we make by composting natural ingredients. This will insure a strong root system that will perform for all those buying our plants. The water we give our plants is pure and uncontaminated coming from our deep well on the property. We use as many organic practices as we can in raising our baby plants into sizes we sell.


The nursery is open WEDNESDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 10am to 4pm


Singing Tree Gardens began in 1992 as a small specialty nursery for rhododendrons, but over the years in our search for worthy plants for gardens, we have discovered many other unusual and wonderful plants that we are excited about as well. It is our dream and joy to propagate these plants to share with other plant enthusiasts. Over half of the nursery is display gardens, used to show mature examples of the plants we grow. The garden setting is a fun place to go in any season of the year, and to share with friends. If you are a plant nut, you will most likely find a plant you just have to have. The rest of the nursery is divided into a variety of work areas dedicated to propagation and growing of the many plant species we offer. The nursery was started on a 2 acre parcel near the Beau Pre Golf Course in McKinleyville. After 10 years we outgrew that small space and moved to the 10 acre parcel on Dow’s Prairie where we are today.

If you belong to a garden club or other group that would like to schedule a tour, just give us a call so we can accommodate your group.

Peak rhododendron bloom is April and May, though the gardens are beautiful and inspiring year round. Go to Info for directions and hours. We hope to see you soon!

Owners and Staff

Don Wallace is one of the founders who, after a fascination with propagating and hybridizing rhododendrons, had the idea of creating a display garden nursery. Don is still involved with propagation and growing on of plants, along with helping people who come out with their questions about plant selection and care.

Sarah Flower is our nursery and mail order manager. She helps all of our customers to find the plants they need, and can answer questions about soil preparation, planting techniques, fertilizing and care. Sarah has a great eye for design, and helps keep the nursery looking fantastic. If you have questions about our online offering, you will want to call and ask for Sarah.

Ryan Scott is also a founder, coming from an up bringing surrounded by plants, Ryan's interests transitioned from forestry to ornamental nursery stock. A 'naturalist' at heart, with an eye for the future, Ryan now spends most of his time designing Landscape Gardens for home owners on the northcoast.


Every week something new goes on sale. Check back frequently for new deals and offers as we rearrange our stock.